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Taurus Contractors a progressive recruitment and project-staffing firm specializing in the engineering and technical domain, which include expatriate and local specialists, engineers and technical personnel. We offer a broad range of personalized services and solutions to assist organizations with their recruitment and staffing services, Our focus industries are oil, gas, energy, infrastructure, water, defense, manufacturing, mining, metro, railway, power and chemicals. We provide project management, recruitment, staffing and payroll support to a variety of clients, releasing them from the sourcing and logistical hassle of managing a multi-national, multi-site work force.

We have a successful track record from completing searches in every market. We leverage cutting-edge technology to provide personalized solutions for your business. Our substantial industry knowledge, agile and highly innovative process, combined with a personalized approach yields consistent and positive hiring results to all our clients across the country . Our experience becomes their asset.

We are your recruitment and staffing consultants, industry insiders and experts. Our consultants work in a wide variety of industries, each specialized and a consummate expert in their space. They know the professional landscape and how you can best gain those positions capable of meeting and exceeding your professional hiring goals. We will serve you as an extension of your organization. With a tradition of experience, expertise, excellence and exceptional results.

Every action we take is part of a concerted and customized effort to meet our clients’ exact needs, we quickly and accurately find leaders to build effective teams through a collaborative and fully transparent approach. Our successful track record and experience becomes your asset.


We address any of our clients contract recruitment and hiring solutions needs across the engineering space, we hire expatriate and local specialists, contractors, consultants, employees, who are thoroughly assessed to ensure the integrity of our client operations and meet their cultural dynamics. Our adaptable personal approach and process allows us to provide effective contract consultants in any industry. Every contract hiring need is met with both speed and accuracy.

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We work with you, carefully consulting your leadership and HR management teams to determine how you want your organization to grow, providing unprecedented access to the talent which matches your requirements. We source the best employees across a wide range of disciplines, facilitating connections at every experience level. We effectively conduct both contingency and exclusive search.


We assist our clients and provide labor contracts, compliance training, employee registration, on and off boarding, exit process management and other day-to-day administration needs all while meeting local compliancy standards and taking on all employment risks. We ensure complete compliance with local legislation and business entity requirements.

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We will act as an extension of your company, taking on the responsibilities as your HR services provider, guiding your company culture, strengthening your organizational brand, provide global mobility requirements, manage payroll, taxes, timesheets, expense management, bonuses, and benefits in-house.


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