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Taurus Contractors is a provider of outstanding and personalized talent solutions to clients and candidates.

We are your recruitment and staffing consultants, industry insiders, and experts. Our recruiters work in a wide variety of industries, each specialized and a consummate expert in their space. They know the professional landscape and how you can best gain those positions capable of meeting and exceeding your professional goals. And we will serve you as an extension of your organization. With a tradition of experience, expertise, excellence and exceptional results. Our successful track record and experience becomes your asset

Every action we take is part of a concerted and customized effort to meet our clients’ exact needs, we quickly and accurately find leaders to build effective teams through a collaborative and fully transparent approach.


We offer a broad range of recruitment, staffing, payroll and support services, which includes the provision of permanent, temporary and contract personnel, from our diverse talent pool of local, expatriate and returning non resident Indian candidates. We have well-established networks, resources and processes; we are continuously responsive and adapt to an ever-changing environment without compromising excellence and service delivery.

Our network is second to none in its range, diversity and the agility it utilizes to exponentially increase opportunities. Our network stretches across the globe, providing the reach you need to source the most impactful talent.

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Our client’s present and future hiring needs are important to us, and we plan, anticipate and manage our team profile and expertise in order to be most productive to meet these requirements. From the commencement of an assignment to selection, to onboarding, employee management, we ensure that open and ongoing communication takes first priority in all our engagements.

We have extensive internal and external resources, including a proprietary database with over 750,000 pre-qualified candidates, our internal database, network contacts, referrals and “cold calling ” passive candidates from target companies and competitors as well as offer customized talent solutions as we believe each client is unique and has their own specialized needs.

Our firm maintains a solemn commitment to client satisfaction and to building long-term partnerships.


Deep Understanding of Talent Marketplace

We have a deep understanding of today’s talent market. This understanding comes from years of experience and study of the current talent pool, which is dynamic and ever-changing. Our Consultants provide powerful insights on specific industry . We know the available talent, where they are and how to reach out to them along with desired salary, career expectations, available skill-sets and current hiring complexities.

Specialist Approach

A Specialist’s Approach

We differentiate ourselves from other search firms by offering a specialist’s approach to every industry we serve. Each of our Consultants specializes in a particular function and field . Our Talent Consultants learn the language and intricacies of each of their respective sectors / fields of specialty. They develop key contacts in these areas to find just the right talent for your organization.

Exclusive Database

Exclusive Talent Database

We tap into leading professionals with active participation in key domestic and global associations and organizations. Our large candidate database, network and on-line connection to Indian and global databanks ensure a complete pool of candidates. Our search process uses a technique based search methodology to ensure the highest quality candidate for our clients. This process helps us identify, attract, evaluate and acquire the right candidate for our clients. This time-tested process helps us to identify, attract, evaluate and acquire the right candidates for our clients.




We demonstrate honesty, trust, and respect in all relationships. We act responsibly with our customers , employees and candidates We work hard with passion and dedication.



We constantly strive to find better and more effective solutions for our partners We are constantly improving with creative solutions and results We provide efficient and effective services and solutions to our clients and candidates.



We surpass ordinary standards in everything we do
Deliver superior results and exceed expectations
We collaborate together with all stake holders as one team.



We believe each consultant, client, employee, and partner are the heart of our business.
We value our clients, candidates, and colleagues by nurturing these relationships.
We have a culture of integrity and care that makes this company a great company to work with.


Customer Satisfaction

We measure our success based on outrageously satisfied clients and consultants
We do what we say we will do
We are deeply committed to our values and to our mission


  • Apply innovative and creative approaches to drive growth while affording our people and consultants the opportunity to advance professionally
  • Diligently adhere to our core values while dedicating ourselves to providing exceptional customer service to our clients and consultants
  • We are committed to solving any and all employment challenges and develop individual connections.
  • Always build positive relationships with the people we work with.
Our mission


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